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Digitisation is driving huge changes in the government sector, where organisations are seeing the need for enhanced mobility and collaboration, and the need to protect data leaks and targeted attacks on government records. This is a huge challenge for the public sector. Surface Hub offers a perfect solution for the government sector looking to meet the demands of the 21st century. It can be used to make work easier for civil servants, enabling better public service. Surface Hub facilitates reduced paperwork, improved mobility, and seamless collaboration.

Efficiency with Surface Hub

  • Surface Hub makes it easier to collaborate across different locations in real time
  • It boasts seamless integration with Skype, Office, and a myriad of other applications
  • Touch and pen features allow for real-time editing and updates

Typical challenges

  • Clear communication.
  • Secure messaging.
  • Access to legacy business systems.
  • Data analytics.
  • Communicate with a dispersed worldwide team.
  • Tools that don’t keep up (whiteboards, projectors)

How we solve the problem:

  • Surface Hub’s collaboration tools means you can run a training session for case workers easily. Skype for business provides the access and screen sharing on Windows 10 means the trainee can see exactly what the instructor is referring to.
  • Reduce the valuable time that is typically wasted by trying to connect and get remote participants on board.
  • Large screen apps running industry software make the collaboration effortless whilst being secure in the knowledge no sensitive information will leave the room.
  • Skype for Business keeps everyone on the same page. Remote users see the screen, annotations and the people in the room.
  • The brilliant large touch screen makes it easy to focus in on a maps and data using hands while touch and pen features allow for real-time editing and updates.

Digitization is driving huge changes in the healthcare sector, where organizations are seeing the need for enhanced mobility and collaboration, along with ways to protect data leaks and targeted attacks on health records and valuable information. This is a huge challenge for the industry. Surface Hub offers a perfect solution for healthcare providers looking to upgrade their medical practices.

Modernising Healthcare

Typical challenges:

  • Bringing up patient records quickly and making edits when needed.
  • Sharing important documents and collaborating with practitioners,
    patients or students.
  • Juggling admin time and finding devices that are compliant with health and
    safety requirements.

How we solve the problem:

  • Make critical care decisions in real time
  • Make meetings more engaging, efficient and productive
  • Engage patients, clinicians, and faculty with amazing large screen apps
  • Design for modern healthcare facilities
  • Boasts of seamless integration with Skype, Office, and a myriad of other applications

Customer Stories

Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and one of its programs, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine are piloting Microsoft Surface. Lerner students will work together on cases incorporating video, images, and written content. Medical students can tap the device’s potential for more engaging learning. Surface Hub devices brings case content such as echocardiogram videos and MRI images to life. With the multitouch interface, several group or faculty members can interact at the same time, whether they’re standing at the Surface Hub or using a connected mobile device.

Whether it’s a routine operation or a new procedure, the challenge of maintaining an accurate surgery schedule requires the coordination of a team of healthcare professionals on behalf of every patient. To meet that challenge, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is using Microsoft Surface Hub to replace manual operating room scheduling with a digital, large-screen interactive display board that works with its existing electronic medical record solution. With one-touch access to consolidated patient data, care teams can work together to make critical decisions faster, improving care.

“Ubiquitous access to real-time accurate patient data across the hospital and on different devices, including tablets and mobile phones, is now within reach at CHOP thanks to Surface Hub.”

Dr Mohamed Rehman - Director, Transplant Anaesthesia, Dept of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

21st century educators need 21st century tools. Today’s educators wear many different hats. From lecturing to tutoring to performing research they need devices that are as flexible as they are. Surface Hub helps teachers and lecturers organise efficiently and  expand the classroom to engage with students in real time without being in the same room – providing truly rich learning experiences.

Digitisation is driving huge changes in the education sector where institutions are seeing the need for enhanced collaboration capabilities to gain more flexibility in learning and teaching.  This is a huge challenge for the education sector. Surface Hub offers a perfect solution for the education sector looking to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Typical challenges:

  • Stagnant or declining learning outcomes
  • A need for more collaboration
  • Workload pressures
  • Restrictive classroom technology


How we solve the problem:

  • Present lessons on the big screen and highlight important features with Surface Hub and Surface Pen. A powerful team collaboration device, it’s designed to advance the way students and teachers work together naturally.
  • Travel beyond the classroom using integrated video conferencing on Surface Hub’s large touch screens to access specialists and remote experts. Work together on group projects with global partners and bridge the technology gap between education and industry.


How we solve the problem:

  • Connect with guest speakers, students and others around the world using Surface Hub with HD cameras, screen and microphones.
  • Engage with students in the classroom and those dialling in remotely with Surface Hub’s dual pen and touch capabilities. Share whiteboards, annotations and anything else you want to present.
  • Maintain research safely in the cloud or on personal devices. For security, there is no local storage. When users hit “I’m Done” the device resets for the next group.

Faced with cost pressures and a drive towards lean processes, manufacturers are seeking more agile ways of working to stay competitive. Engineers want to work more closely with colleagues and teams, away from their fixed workstations. They still want  the power to run their professional software. And the flexibility to draw, create, and colour on screen. That’s why Surface Hub is perfect for manufacturing. Unlock the power of the group with Surface Hub. Enjoy built-in conference cameras, audio and an interactive touchscreen to share and discuss data visualisations with experts and peers.

Typical challenges:

  • Engineers can’t collaborate when tied to heavy-duty PCs
  • Typical whiteboard technology doesn’t get the most out of group working sessions
  • Traditional working tools hinder collaboration and creativity

How we solve the problem:

  • Share work in seconds
  • Bring together remote teams to collaborate in real time with Surface Hub. Responsive digital inking means engineers can work together no matter where they are.
  • All Surface devices run Windows 10 so it’s easy to move seamlessly between devices.
  • Work together in real time with Video conferencing, audio and white boarding on Surface Hub.
  • Innovate and design with precision: Collaborate over CAD designs using Surface Hub. Run full applications like Siemens Solid Edge, Dassault SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Fusion 360

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